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“SIPPING” AND TASTING THE UBRAN LIFESTYLE WITH US AT CAFE TERRACE! As a brand inspired from the urban breath in big cities, Cafe Terrace showcases that inspiration in the logo and restaurants’ venue. With dots arranged side by side in increasing size on the logo standing for as the rhythm of life and 90% of restaurants located on significant streets, Cafe Terrace is the ideal hub for busy people to enjoy the life calmly and peacefully in such bustling cities. When was the last time you have enough time for a calm morning with a cup of latte and hot breakfast? If you cannot remember exactly, do not hesitate to spend quality me-time with us at Cafe Terrace now

Terrace Bitexco

Booth No. GF-06, GF-06B, Bitexco Building, No. 45 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
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